Need help with your COP Commitment?

Team up with local organisations to increase biodiversity and reduce emissions.


Thank you to the many individuals and organisations who have supported Thame COP with their time, advice and resources. 


Cllr David Bretherton and Cllr Pieter-Paul Barker granted South Oxfordshire Councillor Community Funds to Wild Pear CIC for Thame COP.


Nick Nuttgens, Lynne May, Cathy Gaulter, Maggie Smart, Tom Knowles, Andy Carter, Becky Bower, Stephen Newbury, Gregory Webster, Dora Hargitai, Bruce Podmore, Adam Weston, Tom Cox, Niamh Dutton Meaney, Merle Cox, Tori Lambourne, Sophie Withers, Amelie VanDijk, Andy Clark, Zoe Martin-Downhill, Anuradha Vittachi, Peter Armstrong, Maureen Dyroff, Wendy Duckham, Roberta Eardland, David Everiss, Rich Henderson, Carol Harris, Mike Furness, John Scott, Charles Boundy, Ruth Ruddock, Ruth Cornish, Helena Richards, Mark Stockly, Sharon Smits, Anthony Day, Debbie Clark, Martin Wiles, Jenny Rixon, Jane Green.

Supporting Organisations

21st Century Thame, The Woodworks Trading Cafe, GrowCreate, Lord Williams School, Sheffield University Climate Communications Hub, Fly Zero, The Wildlife Trust, Cuttlebrook Conservation Volunteers, Extinction Rebellion, Windles Group, Thame Green Living, Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth, The James Figg Pub, Thame Town Council,